Further destruction in Creekbed; King warns intruders

CREEKBED – For the second time since the beginning of April, Creekbed Colony has been subject to invasion by vandals, presumably American. The latest incident, initially discovered yesterday by the king and confirmed today, involved the destruction of a protective barrier on the upper side of the colony’s slope.

The fortification had been standing less than two weeks when its components, branches found within the territory’s boundaries, were dismantled and cast into nearby brush.

King Adam ordered the barrier’s construction following an incident a month ago in which several ferns were damaged by intruders, most likely running down the hillside from the top of the colony. Ferns are protected under the Plant and Animal Protection Act, with a maximum penalty for their injury placed at six months incarceration and a $7,500 fine.

His Majesty acknowledged today that it is plausible that the party responsible for this latest incident may have believed themselves to be acting in the interest of safety, but denied that the construction posed any risk to humans, least of all those who stayed on appropriate trails. The upper trailhead is only accessible by the colony’s main trail or by trampling living ground cover.

“All are welcome in Creekbed,” His Majesty said this morning in a public statement, “but we demand that they neither damage our environment nor our structures.” He strongly cautioned against further damage by foreign nationals, describing these two incidents as “aggression.”

This latest development in the border security matter brings the whole military apparatus into play, as the navy is resonsible for colonial defense and the Royal Gendarmerie is responsible for law enforcement.

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